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Equity Release can be used as a lifeline or to achieve a dream, or even as an Inheritance tax reducing tool.

You might be lucky enough to just need Equity Release to enhance your recreational activities such as dream holidays etc. 

However Equity Release can also be used as a lifeline to reduce debts and increase your monthly cash flow.

But for High Net Worth clients with assets over £1 million Equity Release can form part of an Inheritance Tax Gifting program to potentially save 40% tax on large chunks of assets over £1 million.

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What will you use your Equity Release for?

Some client's choose to spend their money on a Dream Holiday, a Classic Motorbike, A Yacht, a Motorhome, a Woodland Lodge, A Spanish Villa, a Static Caravan .

When you Release Equity it's your money, it's tax free and you choose where you spend or invest it.

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Imagine the feeling you'll have when you help your family?

Some client's choose to give their children or grandchildren their inheritance in advance. 

(The philosophy is they prefer to see their family enjoy it rather than just to leave it to them in their will)

They can pay for Home deposits, University fees or to just provide financial help as all parents do.

Equity Release can also assist in Inheritance Tax reduction through gifting.

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